Hidden Passion

Hidden Passion is something that is deep within us that must be fed, watered, and received the warmth of the sun to grow. Hidden Passion is like a part of your body that was removed you would feel the effects of it not there by your side. The exploring of that passion that is deep inside you which knocks on the door of your soul so that it can get out. So many times we will ignore the knock on our soul that has to get out so afraid of what is going to be on the other side. We wonder if her open the door of Hidden Passion will be able to embrace what we are going to face. The fear is great and overwhelming because we are not sure what to do or where to begin when we begin the process of exploration.

The question that we should ask ourself is why do we fear what is a part of us and just like any part of of it does not stay the same, and it continue to change. How it grows depends on how well we nurture that part of us.

Hidden Passions for love, life, family or career is that added part of us that needs to be released so we can be the person that we need for our best life.

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